Additional Course Details

Our Hospitality Program is a great first step to a variety of positions in customer service. Learn to provide excellent guest service and create memorable guest experiences.

Certification Tracks under Hospitality:

Hotels need qualified and certified workers who have a solid foundation of hospitality skills and general knowledge of the hospitality industry. Our Hospitality Program is designed to support your educational development to give you a competitive edge to fill positions.

Foundations of Hospitality: Introduction to the basic skills and knowledge necessary to begin a career in the hospitality industry leading to a certification. 

Certified Guest Service Professional(CGSP) Golden Opportunities: Learn the skills needed to provide excellent guest service and create memorable guest experiences.

What is a front-line position?
  • Front Desk Representative – meet and anticipates the needs of all guests at hotels, resorts, and other lodging facilities. Provides necessary services to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Guest Room Attendant –  responsible for keeping rooms at hotels, resorts, and other lodging facilities clean, safe, stocked and maintained.
  • Kitchen Cook – members of the food service team who prepare meals and ensure food service operates smoothly.
  • Maintenance – Perform routine repairs or cleaning of property, ensuring all quality standards are met.

Electives within the Hospitality Program:

START (Skills, Tasks and Results Trainings)

Certifications for individual positions include:

  • Front Desk Representative
  • Guestroom Attendant
  • Restaurant Server

ServSafe National Restaurant Association Certification

Trainings available include:

  • Food Protection Manager Training

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