Course Offerings


Courses offered at the YWCA National Capital Area’s Career Education & Training Center include

  • Adult Literacy 
    • Workplace Math 
      • Students will learn critical thinking skills, how to apply basic math skills in the workplace, determine correct operations to solve a problem, interpret graphs, and know how to use decimals, percents, and fractions to understand their paychecks and help them manage a  personal budget. 
    • Reading, Writing & Communication for the Workplace
      • Students will acquire 21st Century workforce skills and  academic skills needed in today’s workforce. Contextualized lessons center around Reading and writing at Work.  Students will learn how to read with purpose, use critical thinking skills to comprehend online information, graphs, charts, and labels.  In addition, students will be able to build their vocabulary for the workplace and home, as well as practice skills for writing letters, emails and memos, evaluating cause and effect, developing a main idea.
    • GED Tutoring & Test Preparation
      • Students will work in small groups on GED test subjects and practice test taking skills in preparation for the GED Ready Practice test. 
  • Job Readiness
    • Soft Skills for the Workplace
      • Students will acquire necessary workplace skills related to speaking/listening skills, self and time-management skills, goal-setting, interviewing skills and ethics and etiquette.  Students will be required to complete a Capstone project that will include working in teams, presentation skill building and an introduction to diversity and professionalism. 
    • Information Literacy & Technology
      • Classes include introduction to keyboarding, basic computer skills, and social media & digital footprinting.  Students will also learn how to use critical thinking skills to acquire, evaluate, use and create information ethically, share information & ideas with others while also seeking multiple perspectives in the context of the workplace, home and the community. 
    • Workforce Skills Assessment
      • The YWCA uses various workforce skills assessments, including the CASAS Work Readiness Checklist, as a road map for career readiness. Employers seek workers with strong interpersonal skills. The training offered at the YWCA will provide DC residents with tools and the benefits of our training to take on new responsibilities, and move up the career ladder. The CASAS checklist combined with our training will help students obtain this certificate.
  • Certification Training
    • Certified Guest Service Professional Certification (CGSP)
      • In this time of recovery from the current pandemic, many hospitality industry jobs and careers are considered at-risk, but the skills learned from working and training in the industry are transferable across many other industries.  The Certified Guest Service Professional Certification (CGSP) provides education and training knowledge and skills for people who, not only desire to work in the hospitality and tourism industry, but any industry where the need to deliver exceptional service and create memorable experiences for clients is important.  This certification is the highest acknowledgment of award-winning guest service and emphasizes great customer service, excellent communication and problem-solving skills needed for any 21st Century job or career.
    • ServeSafe Food Handler’s Certification
      • This certification is offered to anyone enrolled in the Hospitality Program and has a desire to work in the food industry or their career choice requires them to work around or serve food.  This course will prepare individuals for the food protection certification exam.
    • IC3 Digital Literacy Certification
      • Students will receive instruction in basic computer fundamentals including, how computers work, Word, Excel, how to work within the Windows operating system, basic operation of office applications, networking basics, electronic communication (e-mail), and the internet.  Students completing the coursework will be eligible to take the IC3 Certification creating a pathway to higher level certifications such as MOS, CompTia A+ , etc. 

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