Additional Course Details

Our Administrative Support Certificate Program is a great first step towards any entry-level office support position. Learn to navigate computer software as well as email, the internet, and social media platforms.

Course Tracks Under Administrative Support:

Information Literacy & Technology: This course will introduce you to keyboarding, basic computer skills, and social media & digital footprinting. Specifically, this course will use the following software & curriculum:

  • Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate is an online assessment designed to assess students’ knowledge of various basic computer tasks, including basic computer use, internet, word processing (Word), Microsoft Operating System, and email.

Certifications Offered:

IC3 Global Standard 6(GS5) Digital Literacy Certification: IC3 Digital Literacy certification is a credential that is designed to remain relevant in the ever changing world of technology.  IC3 GS6 includes skills that apply to any career pathway or post-secondary school environment and is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance or validate their digital skills.  

Benefits of the IC3 GS6 Digital Literacy Certification include:

  • Portable credential that is valued anywhere.
  • Provides individuals with tools needed and credentialing for not just employment, but a career.
  • Provides a strong foundation of skills for pursuing higher education.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word and Excel Certification: The Microsoft Office Specialist courses provide industry-leading skill and knowledge through our project-based instruction, giving students and professionals and in-person interactive real-world learning experience as they are preparing to take the certification exam to appraise understanding of Microsoft Office. 

Benefits of the MOS Certification include:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist boosts academic performance
  • Portable credential for all administrative careers
  • You become more marketable for a competitive workforce.
  • Provides individuals with tools needed and credentialing for not just employment, but a career

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