Advocacy & Racial Justice

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We are on a mission to Eliminate Racism and Empower Women

We increase public awareness and engagement around the issues central to improving the lives of women.

Nationwide, YWCA’s  advocacy work in three core areas:

  • Racial Justice & Civil Rights
  • Economic Empowerment & Advancement
  • Health & Safety of Women & Girls

At YWCA National Capital Area, we are committed to our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women and have launched specific initiatives focused on racial, social, and gender justice.

Interested in joining us? Email Sarah Graham at

Courageous Conversations

Since 2018, YWCA National Capital Area has held community-based discussions called Courageous Conversations.  These discussions have explored the dynamics of race, bias, gender, and inequity in a unique community-driven way, empowering people to take an active role in dismantling racism, demanding equity, and standing up for justice.

Now more than ever, we invite you to join us for these dynamic community events as we believe we are stronger together in the work to eliminate racism and empower women.

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