Stand Against Racism

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Stand Against Racism

The YWCA Capital area host Stand Against Racism Rally for Racial Justice at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC on Saturday, April 28, 2018.
(Chris English / Tigermoth Creative)


Stand Against Racism is an annual event hosted by YWCA NCA.

#StandAgainst Racism No Hate. No Fear. Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice

The violence and trauma enacted upon immigrant communities has become increasingly visible at the forefront of conversations on race, citizenship, and criminalization.

Immigration is a historical norm in this country, as are deep-rooted anti-immigrant sentiments and legislation that criminalizes immigrants, particularly immigrants of color.

In this moment, our country and our communities must confront these historical injustices as we exist in a political environment that exponentially strengthens and emboldens anti-immigrant attitudes and policies.

In light of heightened anti-immigration efforts and emboldened xenophobia and openly racist behavior and violence in this country, we at YWCA National Capital Area reassert our support for sanctuary policies and our commitment to standing in solidarity with immigrants, undocumented or otherwise, and communities of color facing the very real threat of racist and xenophobic attacks.

Join us as we raise our voices to denounce the structural and institutional racism that hurts our communities each and every day. As civil rights are eroded for communities of color, we must work to support full access and engagement for women and girls of color in the political process.

Civic engagement looks different for everyone. Whether you organize, advocate, vote or serve your communities, each of us can take a stand against racism by working together.

Let’s activate our collective power for a future without racism.

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