Happy Mother’s Day from YWCA National Capital Area

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Happy Mother’s Day from YWCA National Capital Area

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Today is Mother’s Day. Every day at the YWCA National Capital Area, we advocate for justice and equity, provide educational & economic opportunities, and offer a space of care for our community. This is how we support women, many of which are mothers, and their families.

The last few years have seen mothers rise to the occasion, leaving the workforce to support their families, leading the frontline care during the global pandemic, and uniting together to protect communities from gun violence.

Yet, despite this significant work, our legislators aren’t working to ensure mothers are getting the support and care they need. They are taking away their right to choose when, or if, they become a mother and making basic access to reproductive health care challenging. They aren’t funding universal childcare & health initiatives or food support programs that keep mothers and their children cared for. They ignore mothers’ calls for safer schools, access to gender affirming care for their children and funding to support survivors of domestic violence.

This Mother’s Day, we ask that you hear our calls for action and find ways to support women in your own community:

  • Call your legislators and ask them to support women. Reproductive rights remain under attack in this county. Women are still paid less than men. Survivors still have to struggle for access to life-saving resources. We ask that you not remain silent on any of these issues that directly impact mothers and their families. Call your legislators and tell them to get to work. See here for how you can get involved!

  • Honor the mothers in your life. Celebrate the mothers with a special meal, a spa visit or even time alone. The Washingtonian has a list of fun things to do with mothers on this day.

  • Donate to local organizations that support women. Each year, this YWCA serves more than 500 women & girls (many of whom are mothers) by providing educational, mentoring & other opportunities. Become a donor a www.ywcanca.org/donatenow.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to those that celebrate, and, for those that find this day difficult, we hold you in our minds and heart.