Happy Juneteenth from YWCA National Capital Area!

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Happy Juneteenth from YWCA National Capital Area!

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Today is Juneteenth–the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. On this newest of federal holidays, we call you to recommit to supporting Black communities not only this day, but everyday.

Let us also be reminded that history continues to be whitewashed, conveniently silencing parts of our history that we shouldn’t forget. This silencing happens in classrooms through the banning of books, on the streets with laws limiting the right to assemble, and at ballot boxes with the closing of polling places in many communities of color. These things have happened before, and, in some cases, never stopped.

In just a few days, our community has the opportunity to be heard in the DC & Virginia primary elections. We encourage you to get registered to vote and commit to exercising your right to vote on election day.

May this day remind you that the fight for justice–especially racial justice–takes all of us. And, in the end, none of us are free until we all are.