Happy Juneteenth from YWCA National Capital Area!

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Happy Juneteenth from YWCA National Capital Area!

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Today is Juneteenth–the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Yet, it was just this week that the day was finally made a federal holiday. While this is significant, the YWCA National Capital Area knows that the fight for #RacialJustice is not over until we are all truly and fully free.

On this day, we encourage you to educate yourself about Black history–what is shared and what isn’t– in the United States. The whitewashing of history remains in textbooks  and the silencing of racial justice voices in classrooms, at ballot boxes, and on the streets happens every day. We can no longer accept this silencing. We hope you won’t either.  Our mission to #eliminateracism is strong and steadfast today and everyday.. 

On June 23 and 24, we invite you to join us (and other YWCA’s and advocates) to learn more about how we all can come together in solidarity to #EliminateRacism and create a world of equity and #RacialJustice at @YWCAUSA’s virtual Racial Justice Summit: In Solidarity We Build. Register today at https://insolidaritywebuild.org/.