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Partnerships and Funding

While there are many benefits and advantages to partnership development, the answer to why the YWCA National Capital Area seeks to establish partnerships is relatively simple. There is added value in working with other organizations. The benefits of effective partnerships do not appear overnight. Establishing effective and inclusive partnerships takes time, and it is important for the YWCA NCA to create the right framework from the start and review the structure and process of the partnership on an ongoing basis to measure its success or failure.

We are pleased to share information about some of our current partners below. This list is constantly growing, so check back often for updated information.

DCTV is Washington, DC's only television station devoted entirely to local programming created by and for DC's communities. We empower people to exercise their freedom of speech by providing opportunities to learn, create and share media through training courses, access to state-of-the-art media facilities and distribution on seven cable channels that also stream online.

Corina Higginson Trust

Corina Higginson Trust supports the YWCA NCA's high-quality adult education and workforce readiness pathway, which encompasses adult basic education and GED preparation; workforce readiness trainings and a nationally recognized Customer Service Certification; and comprehensive life skills and wrap-around supports.

Meyer Foundation
Meyer Foundation supports the YWCA NCA's Adult Education & Training program, and has a special focus on adult basic education, GED preparation, and work readiness programming for Washington, DC residents over 18. The program is ensuring low-income people have access to quality education and job-training programs and are on a pathway to economic security.

Piola DC

Location across the street from the YWCA NCA at 2208 14th Street, NW, Piola DC has chosen the YWCA NCA to be its partner in the "GiveBack" program. Every time you dine at Piola, mention the YWCA NCA to receive a 10% discount on your meal, and Piola will donate another 5% to the YWCA!

RealNetworks Foundation

RealNetworks Foundation supports the YWCA NCA's Adult Education & Training program, and has a special focus on workforce readiness programming.

Washington Area Women's Foundation

WAWF selected the YWCA NCA to participate in a planning program called "Stepping Stones" which emphasizes two-generation strategies that work with low-income, middle school-aged girls and their mothers simultaneously.

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