National Capital Area

Adult Education and Training

The Harrison Center for Career Education provides women and men with essential educational, life skills, and workforce readiness training which prepares them for employment or additional educational opportunities. Our focus is on low-income, unemployed and underemployed women and/or single parents living in the Washington DC area. We provide literacy assessments, basic learning disabilities screening, job readiness training, computer and literacy instruction. In addition, we provide support services such as case management, career planning, tutoring, and transportation assistance. 

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This program helps participants increase their literacy and numeracy skills, and prepares them to obtain their GED credentials, and transition into post-secondary education. Our educational services include Adult Basic Education, Pre-GED and GED classes for DC residents ages 18 and up. Adult Basic Education addresses learning needs for those as low as the 6th grade level and the Pre-GED meets the needs of those participants between 8th and 10th grade levels. Classes are offered at the YWCA NCA headquarters, at satellite partner locations, and through distance learning via the internet.




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This program helps our students transition from our academic programs into workforce training and/or educational programs. We provide support for our students to make it to the next level - college, post-secondary schools, trade schools, or employment - by providing additional academic support, workshops, and experiences that builds soft skill and life skills such as financial literacy and time management. All participants are offered computer skills and customer service training, and have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing and internships as they begin their career development.


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