National Capital Area

Get Involved

Are you looking for opportunities to help the YWCA National Capital Area? We have various ways you can be involved.

Mock Interview/Workshops: our workforce development students are always looking for opportunities to practice interviewing, and improve on their public speaking. We like to host mock interveiw days at the YWCA and ask for local professionals to participate, or, we like even more to bring out students out into the workplace, and have these sessions, combined with any relevant workshops at your location.

Job Shadowing: any opportunities for our adult or youth students to spend a day in the life of someone working in a field they may be interested in, provides great exposure and learning.

Adult Education and Mentoring: we are always looking for teachers, tutors and mentors to work with our adult and youth students. Teachers wit hclassroom experience provide vital instruction. We also offer 1:1 tutoring and mentoring, and are also just starting group sessions. Tutoring and mentoring commitments are up to the individual, we want to work with your schedule to make it work.

Youth Mentoring: our EMPOwERgirlz hinges on its ability to match each girl with a near peer mentor. Mentors participate in group activities with EmpowerGirlz as well as one on one meetings with their mentee. Mentors receive ongoing training and guidance to foster strong mentor-mentee relationships.

Internships for our GED Graduates: our adult students work incredibly hard to pass the GED exam, and once they have, we like to partner them up with employers for internship opportunities.

Host an YW in Action: we offer one-hour program tours two times a month at the YWCA NCA and would love for you to become an ambassador for our program and invite others to simply learn about our work. We can also take the show on the road which we call "YW in a Box." We will come to your location and share the same information and program stories, all in one hour.

Committee Participation: we have five working groups that include board members, volunteers and staff, and we are always looking to add to them. Currently, we have committees that focus on Finance, Investment, Governance, Programs, Sustainable Funding, Strategic Planning, and Audit.

Corporate Partnership: funding is key in any non-profit's survival, but we want our corporate dollars to be more about partnership, not just one time sponsorship. We like to keep companies involved and engaged throughout the year in our work, and build a relationship that is lasting, and customized to everyone's needs.


If you see an opportunity that you would love to be involved in, please contact us. Email


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