National Capital Area

YWCA NCA Programs

Our bold goal is to provide a majority of women and girls of color in high need communities across the national capital area with the resources and support necessary to achieve personal, educational and professional success.


Youth Development - The vision of the youth development program work is to give rise to young leaders that are self-aware, socially conscious community advocates that are committed to achiveving personal success and to making the world a better place.

Adult Education and Training - This program provides women and men with essential educational, life skills, and worforce readiness training which prepares them for employment or additional educational opportunities. Our focus is on low-income, unemployed and underemployed women and/or single parents living in the Washington DC area. We provide literacy assessments, basic learning disabilities screening, job readiness training, computer and literacy instruction. In addition, we provide support services usch as case management, career planning, tutoring, health and wellness classes and transportation assistance.

Advocacy - The social justice and advocacy work of the YWCA NCA today is on increasing public awareness of the issues that are central to its mission. Programs provide informational sessions that increase understanding and spur efforts in support of key issues including; elimination of racism, affirmative action, hate crimes, violence against women, increasing women's income, welfare reform, and early childhood education.

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