National Capital Area

Who We Are

YWCA National Capital Area’s services have focused on ensuring access to the opportunities and assistance women need to be empowered. Our public policy advocacy efforts have helped ensure support for the home, work, and life decisions women make. Today, for every woman, no matter where she comes from or where she is going, the YWCA is at her service – as a touchstone, stepping stone, or cornerstone.

We were
founded in 1905 and we are one of the oldest and largest multicultural women's organizations in Washington, DC. The YW has always served as a life-long positive force among women and girls, and as a catalyst for social change designed to achieve equity and equality.Through a broad base of social services and advocacy, the YWCA National Capital Area dismantles barriers faced by women, girls, and people of color as they work to develop and sustain healthy lives. Women and girls come to us in times of transition for job training, and career counseling. They come for mission-based skill-building programs for their families. They come in times of crisis as survivors of rape or domestic violence. And, they come to develop leadership skills and to engage in public advocacy for women's and civil rights. The YWCA National Capital Area is known as safe and welcoming place to build stronger lives, and is an active place where committed volunteers and staff lead efforts to improve the futures of women and girls, across the region.

Our Mission:
The YWCA National Capital Area is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Our Bold Goal: Ensure that a majority of women and girls of color across the national capital area have the resources and support necessary to achieve personal, educational and professional success.


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